the armoured kitty part 2

The kitty’s are going well they made a lot of weapons and good Armour, they planning an attack on the dogs over one day. The dogs are just relaxing in there dog relaxing centers. The day has come the kitty are gonna to fight back they come out of there caves and stard shooting the dog relaxing centers the dogs cant do anything about it .there getting destroyed the dogs are sending there best swat teams but in just a few seconds the got blown up to .after a lot of dead dogs the war is finally over the kitty’s has won or not…. out of nothing a big lasers hit the kitty’s and they all die before they can do anything about it .A ship lands and they come out ,the real winners they have taking over the planet now it is the skeever army

Flying to mars with a unicorn

  • second step:train it,take your magic wand and put it on your head then dance with the unicorn for 30 min everyday fore 88 days you do that your starting to see that the unicorn is building flying skills and has extra magical powers.

  • third step:now you must be totally ready fore the flight so take your stuff and drop it before the unicorn  as you do that stuff starts to disappear.  when all your stuff is gone your ready to go so start the engines and feed the unicorn a potato now go inside of the unicorn and enjoy the ride in 19 min and 256 sec you will land on mars

  • last step:now before you go enjoy the view on mars you must activate the nature powers on the unicorn or else you will die instantly wait for 3 min and 5 sec  and by than all the nature powers will be totally working and now you can enjoy life the way you want with a unicorn on your entire own planet

The armoured kitty

in a other dimension far far away there is a planet called katario,its full of dogs and they all life happy together but theirs one big problem last week a space ship crashed in to the planet with 1092 kitty’s and a lot of dogs died because of that crash.The dogs are not so happy with all those kitty’s and they planed a war.After a few days the got in a war,it was big fight  but finally the most kitty’s died there just a few left hiding in the kitty cave they made in those few days. there making weapons to strike back but almost all the kitty’s died in the war so they must have good weapons with an even better plan .Wil they beat the dogs or wil the dogs get there revenge for what those kitty’s have done to all those pore dogs. you can read that in part 2